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Family Holiday Activities at Westin La Paloma

Why stress away the holidays when you could be spending them at a relaxing resort in beautiful, sunny Tucson?

Westin La Paloma is a family-friendly resort and wellness getaway all wrapped into one, and we’re open for the holiday season. See the great things we have in store for you and your family below.

Holiday Activities for the Whole Family Start December 23rd!

On December 23rd, we will be kicking off the holiday fun off with some exciting activities for you and your children. Not only will we have Christmas movies playing all day for you to enjoy — just like at home! — but we will also have such fun activities as a candy cane scavenger hunt and ornament painting and crafts for any child who is interested.

The next day on Christmas Eve, the fun continues with more arts and crafts. Children can help Santa with his cookie decorating, and you can even help the elves stuff stockings before the big day. These stockings will later be delivered to guests of the hotel — but just remember that you need to reserve a stocking if you want one. Simply call 520-577-5882 to reserve yours!

Finally, on the big day — Christmas day — there will be even more crafts (this time, involving candy canes!) as well as a crafts segment where children can customize photo frames. What are you going to put in the frames, you ask? We will have a festive family photo set up available for anyone who is interested!

Lastly, please your palate at our annual Christmas Buffet in AZuL! Here, will have all the best entrées, appetizers, drinks, and desserts you could imagine. It’s the perfect way to spend Christmas dinner — no cooking involved on your end, just pure gastronomic pleasure!

More About Westin La Paloma

Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa is the premier resort in Tucson, Arizona. Come with your family, your friends, or your sweetheart for a getaway you’ll absolutely never forget. Our resort features many amenities and luxuries you won’t be able to find anywhere else, including:

  • On-site Golf
  • The Five Pool “Oasis”
  • A Spa & Fitness Center 

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You This Holiday Season!

While you may enjoy spending the holidays at home some years, it’s also okay to get away from it all and go somewhere where you won’t have to worry about burning the turkey, organizing parties, orchestrating large meals and gatherings, or — worst of all — cleaning up!

Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa is the place for you. Book your stay today, and we can’t wait to see you this Christmas!