Downtown, Tucson, AZ, 2nd Saturdays Downtown, Westin La Paloma
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Downtown, Tucson, AZ, 2nd Saturdays Downtown, Westin La Paloma
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Downtown, Tucson, AZ, 2nd Saturdays Downtown, Westin La Paloma

2nd Saturdays Downtown in Tucson, AZ

There comes a time when your body may feel as if it doesn’t belong to you. You might have that persistent ache at the back of your neck, the loss of motivation to go about your duties well or you might feel sleepy and exhausted more often than you should.

These are signs indicating that you need to take a break and allow your body to breathe. At Westin La Paloma, the services at our wellness resort are aimed to restore your body’s well-being.

The Westin La Paloma

Are you a golf enthusiast? Do you enjoy absolute luxury presented in beautiful suites and comfortable amenities? Or maybe you are looking for a spot for your destination wedding or honeymoon? Then make your way to the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, Arizona.

At the resort, you will wake up to a beautiful view of the Santa Catalina Mountains, as we are located at the foot of these mountains. After freshening up in our beautiful bathrooms, you can proceed to have delicious breakfast entrees in our dining section. The people preparing the meals are highly qualified chefs who understand that as our guests, you expect nothing but the best-prepared meals.

There’s in an array of activities that you can partake in during the day around Tucson. These activities vary from family activities to activities that you can do alone. Tucson has many trails through which you can hike. If you prefer to do your hiking on a bicycle, you can enjoy mountain biking on the Tucson trails.

Tucson is also rich in both ancient and modern history, and you can experience this in the Old Tucson Studios, the Pima Air, and Space Museum and the University of the Arizona. Other activities that you can enjoy include a visit to the Reid Park Zoo, the Saguaro National Parks, St. Philips Plaza, among other activities.

2nd Saturdays Downtown

Westin La Paloma can be accessed easily from the downtown area of Tucson, Arizona. Every 2nd Saturday of the month, you can attend this family urban street fair in downtown, Tucson.

Between 4 pm and 10 pm every 2nd Saturday, you and your family can walk through the Tucson downtown streets and visit different restaurants, enjoy the entertainment and see different sights. On the 2nd Saturdays, the kids get to enjoy a free movie at the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum and a free performance of two local art groups at the Children’s Museum Tucson.

You can complete your 2nd Saturdays by visiting a restaurant and enjoying a family meal with the kids, then taking a walk to the resort.

Westin La Paloma is more than just a getaway resort. It is a destination where you restore the well-being of your body and soul. So if you are exhausted and want to recharge, book your spot today at Westin La Paloma.