AZuL Restaurant & Lounge Featured in EL IMPARCIAL

Executive Chef Russell Michel sat down with Spanish language publication EL IMPARCIAL to talk about AZuL Restaurant and Lounge. The article translation is provided below for your convenience.

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AZuL Restaurant & Lounge
Eating with the 5 Senses

In a privileged location, overlooking the Catalina Mountains, AZuL Restaurant & Lounge offers an exclusive culinary experience with a southwest flare.
By Gabriela Martinez

The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa in Tucson, holds a true jewel of Southwest cuisine: AZuL Restaurant & Lounge, where the best flavors and ingredients are combined offering delicious dishes. “We use fresh, in-season, high-quality ingredients: free-range chicken, natural pork free of hormones, fresh scallops, Sterling Silver salmon, and Black Angus beef,” declared Chef Russell Michel in an exclusive interview with EL IMPARICAL.

The executive chef of AZuL Restaurant & Lounge added that his menus, which always compliment the season, are inspired by the ingredients that nature offers throughout the year, creating a unique experience. “You cannot find our selection in any other menus because our creations all start here, like our giant scallops with lemon-basil buerre blanc or adobo chicken with rice and cilantro.”

Passion & Taste

Chef Michel has been experimenting in the kitchen since he was four years old, the age at which his mother started sharing her passion for feeding her family fresh ingredients, combined with all the care and love towards the flavors that are released. “She taught me the importance of offering your guests the best ingredients of the season,” recalled Chef Michel. “Since these are designed to nurture the body and provide a delicious taste to our dishes.” It is this very passion for good food and hospitality, inherited from his mother, which Chef Michel has shared with AZuL Restaurant & Lounge for the past 30 years in an experience described as “farm-to-fork.”

For Chef Michel, one first eats with their sight; followed by smell, which captures 70% of our taste; taste being the third step, seducing our palate; finalized by the sensation of sound and texture which the dish offers.
“Our cuisine is designed to be experienced using your five senses,” added Chef Michel, “through our fresh, delicious, and vibrant dishes, which we will continue to offer our guests.”

Sundays at AZuL

The famous Sunday Brunch is an experience you cannot miss, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. guests can lavish in delicacies of the house accompanied by live music.

  • Adobo Filet Rib-Eye Angus with mashed potatoes a la poblano, salted cabbage leaves, and multicolored carrots
  • Giant Seared Scallops with lemon-basil buerre blanc, artichoke green pea risotto, water cress, and crunchy smoked bacon
  • Duroc Pork Chop glazed with apple IPA beer, smoked in mesquite, mashed potatoes, and watercress salad